Apoquel: Uses – Side Effects – Warnings

Apoquel is a medication that is primarily prescribed to alleviate itching, inflammation, and redness in dogs that suffer from skin conditions like atopic dermatitis, food allergies, flea bite hypersensitivity, and contact dermatitis. The drug works by blocking cytokines, which are inflammatory substances, in the dog’s body. This reduces inflammation, itching, and other symptoms associated with skin allergies.


Apoquel uses are primarily as an anti-inflammatory and itch reliever in dogs. It is used to treat allergies and skin conditions that occur as a result of them. It works by blocking the cytokines in the immune system that cause inflammation, which relieves the itchiness caused by the allergies.

Apoquel should be used after proper diagnosis of the underlying condition that causes the itching in dogs. It should not be used as a substitute for proper veterinarian diagnosis and therapy.


Apoquel offers several benefits to dogs that suffer from skin allergies and conditions. These include:

1. Quick Relief: Apoquel offers quick relief from itching and allergic reactions in dogs thus the dog can get back to their usual playful self.

2. Reduced Inflammation: The drug reduces inflammation caused by allergies which prevents further damage to the skin and allows wounds to heal.

3. Easy to Administer: Apoquel comes in an easy to administer pill form, ensuring that dogs can receive the medication without much struggle.

4. Safe for Long-Term Use: Apoquel is safe for use over the long term, though it is advisable to consult a veterinarian to avoid overdosing or counter reactions.


While Apoquel is generally a safe medication, possible side effects may occur in some dogs. These side effects include:

1. Vomiting

2. Diarrhea

3. Loss of appetite

4. Decreased activity level

5. Increased thirst and appetite

6. Limping

While most of these side effects are mild and will subside after a few days of use, it is important for dog owners to monitor their pets and seek veterinary attention if the side effects persist or become more severe.


There are a few warnings associated with the use of Apoquel. These include:

1. Do not use in breeding, pregnant or lactating dogs unless prescribed by a veterinarian.

2. Do not use in dogs less than 12 months old or less than 3 kg.

3. Do not use in dogs with a history of cancer, particularly lymphoma.

4. Do not use in dogs with a weakened immune system or with a current infection.

5. Do not use in dogs with a history of gastrointestinal issues or stomach cancer.

6. Do not use with other immunosuppressive medications unless prescribed by a veterinarian.

It is important to follow the dosing instructions and precautions strictly for the safety of the dog. Owners should follow up with their veterinarians if any concerns arise


1. How does Apoquel work?

Apoquel works by blocking cytokines in the dog’s immune system that cause inflammation response and itching.

2. How long does it take for Apoquel to relieve itching?

It takes 4-24 hours for Apoquel to start relieving itching and allergy symptoms in dogs.

3. Can Apoquel be used for other pets like cats?

No, Apoquel is specifically designed for use in dogs. There is no Apoquel formulation available for use in cats.

4. Can Apoquel be used long-term?

Yes, Apoquel can be used for long term but only under the recommendation of a veterinarian.

5. Can Apoquel cause cancer in dogs?

There is no evidence yet of Apoquel causing cancer in dogs. However, the drug should not be used in dogs with a history of cancer, particularly lymphoma; its use should also be carefully monitored.


In conclusion, Apoquel is an effective medication for controlling allergy symptoms in dogs. However, it is important to follow veterinary recommendations to ensure the dog’s safety and minimize side effects or drug interactions. As with any medication, dog owners should always consult with their veterinarian before starting the medication.

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